What are LSI Keywords Latent Semantic Indexing ?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. This type of keywords are semantically related to the primary keywords.  Google keeps on updating Search Engine Algorithm to maintain quality of Search Results. Google Started considering entities and the commonalities between entities to rank search results. Instead of repeating focus keyword, One should use LSI keywords to prevent keyword stuffing for preparing quality content.

LSI keyword keeps on changing based on the current trends so always keep your content updated. This LSI keywords are not just the synonym of the primary keyword but they share some context with them. Their attributes  matches with each other to relate two different content. They are used to optimize content which helps in Search Engine Optimization to rank pages in Google Search Results.

Examples of LSI Concept :

Entity (Newspaper) share concept of (Advertising, News, Information, Media)

Entity (Television ) shares the concept of (Advertising, News, Information, Music, Videos, Songs, Movies)

Entity (Radio) Share the concept of ( Advertising, News, Songs, Music)

In the above example Three different entities : Newspaper, Television and Radio are used and the concept or attributes matches partially or completely with the given entities, Hence this attributes can be used as LSI keywords which represent the entity. They are not exactly the synonym of the given term but they explains the meaning of the focus keyword.

Importance of LSI Keywords :

  1. It improves ranking in Google Search Results as google algorithm supports semantic data.
  2. Quality of article Improves
  3. Used for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  4. Google algorithm uses them to determine relevancy of the content.

How to Find LSI Keywords :

  1. Use Google auto suggest to search similar terms
  2. Read top 10 articles from Google Search Results of the searched query and identify the related concept which can be implemented in your article.
  3. Find out terms from google trends
  4. Use wikipedia to identify LSI concept
  5. Google keywords planner also helps you to suggest group of related keywords which are semantically related to each other
  6. Make use of third party tool such as or semrush to get list of related terms for your content


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