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LSI Keywords Example

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) are the keywords which are semantically related to each other, Google uses this keywords to rank data , these are the keywords which are frequently found with each other and share some common context.

Google knowledge graph uses LSI keywords to rank search results. Various entities are taken into consideration and the commonalities between those entities with the help of common attributes are counted to find the related context.

Examples of LSI Keywords are as follows

  • Example 1 Search Engine Optimization : SEO, Link building, back link, algorithm, link exchange, organic linking, ranking, indexing, crawling, no follow, do follow etc., all these keywords shares some common attributes w.r.t Search engine optimization
  • Example 2 Media : Radio, Television, Magazine, Newspaper, Internet, etc., All those entities share some commonalities (such as News, Advertisement etc.,) and hence all those keywords are counted as LSI keywords.

LSI keywords are very useful for ranking website content into google search results by doing proper keywords research.


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