Keyword ResearchSEO

Keyword Research Process

List of Different keyword research processes are mentioned here. Some of the methods followed by different people are discussed below.

Method 1 : Find out list of  all possible keywords – Identify some of the best performing keywords – Break down all those keywords into different categories according to niche – Test the performance of each keywords

Method 2 : Brainstorming to get keywords – Use tools to get list of keywords – Check out and analyze the competition – Pick out the best suitable keywords – Test and repeat the process until you get proper results

Method 3 : Build a list of seed keywords – Research buying intent keywords – Analyze the competition of selected keywords – Research and find long tail keywords – Finalizing keywords

Method 4 : Initial funnel mapping and keyword seed selection – keyword expansion – keyword data enrichment – keyword prioritization

Method 5 : Use third party tools such as or semrush to research keywords effectively and quickly

Method 6 : Identify LSI keywords, Entities and Attributes which can be used to give relate content.

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