Keyword Research Methodology for SEO in 2018

Proper keyword research methodology for SEO  is very important  to rank web pages higher in search engines. The method keeps on changing due to continuous changing google algorithm. Some of the methods to be followed in 2018 for keyword research are as follows:

  1. Identify Target Audience : The first step of keyword research is to identify the target audience, Identify Niche or category of your website and target audience accordingly. Proper keyword selection is important to get traffic and leads.
  2. Entities and Attributes : Google started considering entities and attributes to rank web pages. Initially people used to rank the content just by adding target keywords in the post, but now a days we need to use entities and the commonalities between attributes to make a quality content. The concept and the context between two articles is counted to rank higher in the google search results.
  3. Google Trends : If we can see the  google trends, it was observed that monthly searches of some keywords remains constant while average monthly searches of some keywords keeps on changing every year. So in this case if we select proper keywords with decent monthly searches then the ranking of our article won’t affect much. Try to monitor keyword trends.
  4. Competitor Analysis : With the help of various keyword research tools identify all the keywords which your competitor is using on their website. We might be missing some keywords in our article but using competitor analysis we can utilize the data to rank multiple keywords.
  5. Check your Analytics : Check the behavior flow of visitors on your web pages with the help of google analytics, Monitor high performing keywords and bounce rate. Multiple keywords might be ranking for a particle blog post, export data from google analytics or from SEMrush.
  6. Semantic Keyword List : Identify semantic or related keywords which you can use in your article to prevent keyword stuffing, you can use to get LSI keywords or try some other tools to prepare list.
  7. Google Knowledge Graph : Google is trying to link concept between two article to rank web pages. For example : Radio, TV, Magazine, Newspaper etc., These are the different types of Media in which the concept of advertisement or News is common which can be used to relate article and to give backlink to the respective posts.

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