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How to set Focus keyword in WordPress

Steps to set focus keyword in wordpress are discussed below. Focus keywords is used for writing quality content and for Search engine Optimization. Proper keyword research and LSI keywords helps to rank web pages better in search engine result page.

If you keeps on updating content on your blog post then it can be considered as one of the best SEO strategy to rank web pages. It helps in crawling, Indexing and ranking of web pages. Adding more and more content also helps visitors to search more from your website and hence more engagement.  But if you do not know the focus keywords then it becomes difficult to rank web pages in search results.

Focus keywords are the phrases, terms or queries  which users searches in the google, bing, yahoo or other search engines. So it becomes important to perform proper keywords research to optimize web pages before writing any quality content.

Step 1 : You can use Google keywords planner or google auto suggest to get list of keywords

Step 2 : Use third party tool such as or some other tools to get keywords which people searches often on internet.

Step 3 : Once you identify focus keyword with decent monthly searches, use that keyword in your title, url and in first paragraph of your blog post to maintain prominence and proximity.

Step 4 : Do not repeat  focus keyword multiple times , use LSI keywords or other related keywords which shares some commonalities among them.

Step 5 : Once you set your focus keyword in wordpress start identifying related concept to the focus keywords to prepare quality article for visitors as well as for search engines.

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