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How to do keyword research for content marketing in 2018

The method on How to do keyword research for content marketing are discussed below. So let us find out keyword research methodology for content marketing to know more about it.

  1. Targeting the right keyword is the first and most important step to write quality articles for content marketing.
  2. Some keywords works better than other because different types of keywords used in the content represents different level of intent and interest.
  3. Jot down content marketing ideas and make a list of your competitor, Identify webpages which are currently  ranking on 1st page of google search results.
  4. Google recommends specific set of keywords (Google Auto suggest) when you perform a search query and these similar queries are very useful for content marketing.
  5. After identifying competitor , extract all the keywords which your competitor is using with the help of semrush, or some other third party keyword tools.
  6. Also extract all the keywords monitored in  google webmaster tool (Search console) account in Google analytics section.
  7. Google search is constantly evolving hence the concept of semantic search and google knowledge graph recently introduced. Google started considering commonalities between two entities.
  8. Initially people used to add just targeted keywords to rank articles, but now days context of the content is taken into consideration to related both the web pages.
  9. Identify Semantic Concept between two articles, lsi keywords or synonyms to prevent keyword stuffing.
  10. Try to focus on long tail keywords because it becomes easy to rank those keywords comparatively.
  11. Always try to write articles on specific keywords have some decent monthly searches.
  12. Try to use google trends to re discover more related and core terms.
  13. Content marketing strategy keeps on changing time to time hence always upgrade your strategies accordingly.
  14. Make a habit of reading google webmaster resources to learn more about keyword research methodology for content marketing.

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