How are LSI keywords important in SEO

Information on How are LSI keywords important in SEO is discussed below. Check out details on how Latent semantic indexing is used for Search Engine Optimization.

LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing. This type of keywords are generally used to reduce keyword stuffing. Google keeps on updating algorithm for ranking search results and after hummingbird update, LSI keyword is one of the important factor which must be taken into consideration for search engine optimization.

LSI keywords are semantically related with each other and plays an important role to drive traffic and reduce bounce rate. After introduction of hummingbird update, google started using the relation between entities by comparing commonalities between two entities to rank web pages. The context between two content must match with each other to relate both the web pages. LSI keywords helps to relate two different content by sharing common attributes between those articles. LSI keywords is used to understand the concept of the articles.

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