Example of long tail Keywords

Long Tail Keyword examples are listed below. Check out few examples and definition of long tail keywords.

These are the keyword phrases consists of two or more words which people are searching often on internet. These type of long tail keywords are more specific and they are less competitive than the generic keywords used to rank content in search results.

Example of Long Tail Keywords

  1. how to make an ice cream at home
  2. how to make a pizza at home without oven
  3. what are the building blocks of carbohydrates
  4. what are the benefits of apple cider vinegar
  5. what are the advantages and disadvantages of seo
  6. what are the best seo plugins for wordpress
  7. what are the interview questions for seo
  8. what are the most important seo factors
  9. how to do keyword research for seo and ranking on google
  10. how to do keyword research for content marketing

These are few examples of long tail keywords which you can generate from any paid or free keyword research tool such as , They are easy to rank and less competitive than generic keywords. If proper research methodology for keyword research is followed then it becomes easy to optimize website with the help of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques used to rank quality content on Internet.The target keywords must be exact match, to attract more and more visitors.

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