Keyword Research Free Tool

Keyword research tool will help you to generate LSI keywords which can be used to write quality content and ranking articles on google search results. Identifying potential keywords is the primary step for Search Engine Optimization process. According to Google Algorithm semantic content ranks better in search results, this LSI keywords are semantically related with each other which helps visitors to understand the content and useful for SEO.

Importance of Keyword Research

  1. Keyword research is a process, method or a way to assist your customers to find your website, thus finding your services or products offered.
  2. There are higher chances of losing your potential customers if the keyword research is being done in wrong way. Hence proper keyword research is very important for your business.
  3. If keyword research is carried out in proper manner then there are greater chances that your website will rank higher on search engine results.
  4. Keyword research will help you to compete with your competitors on search engines.

Process of keyword research

First of all, find all possible Focused keywords related to business using different tools available on and or take a help of google auto suggest to discover focused keywords.

Next step is to segment keywords based on searcher intent. Identify monthly searches of a particular keyword using the tool and make a set of keywords related to your business. Number of searches will help you to decide the title of your article or a post. If monthly searches of the keywords are more, then there will be higher chances of lead generation if your article is ranking on first page of google or other search engines.

Third step is determining keyword targeting and prioritize keywords by collecting keyword metrics such as Volume, Difficulty level, Relevance Score, CTR opportunity and some other important parameters. With the help of you can monitor all the above parameters.

What are LSI Keywords?

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keywords are semantically related with each other and are generally found together within a single topic. Lots of people thinks that they are synonym of each other but it’s not true, they are the keywords which shares some common context with each other. They are used to determine relation between the two different terms and the concepts within the given content.

Example 1: “Apple” and “iTunes”

Example 2: “Cars” and “Vehicle”

Example 3: “Mobile Phone”, “Smart Phone”, “Cell Phone”

Example 4: “Movies”, “Ratings”, “Review”, “Actor”, “Actress”, “Director”

Terms used in the above examples are semantically related with each other and share some common context with each other, this type of keywords can be considered as LSI keywords which Google takes into account for ranking articles.

Why are LSI keywords important?

  1. LSI keywords will help you to rank your website higher in search results.
  2. It will help your potential customers to understand the product or services in an effective way.
  3. Helps to create quality article and best method for Search Engine Optimization by preventing keyword spamming.
  4. Helps to compete with your competitors in search results.
  5. Improves user engagement on website and reduces bounce rate.